Test for optics modules include using autofocus?

in the process of looking for an ultrazoom/travelzoom lens for my Canon M50 I am also looking for Tamron and Sigma EF/EF-S lenses with the EF/EF-M adapter.

Does the test for defining an optics module for Photolab mean, that you were able to use that lens on that camera, including autofocus?
I ask, because in the list on the “Supported cameras” part of the Photolab homepage (nearly) every candidate is listed.
Was a lens in the list of that camera tested with that type of camera:

It is totally clear, that in the end it is my risk to buy one, but the answer to compatibility is not always clear on other forums.
It would be good to know, that it was working at the time of the tests.

I’d contact the lens vendor for compatibility questions. There may be details like required firmware upgrades. Or you may just try in a good shop and honor the service by buying there instead of saving some bucks on the Internet.

I don’t know about DxO test procedures. But I’ve heard elsewhere that manual focussing is common for optical tests to avoid the slight inaccuracies that may happen with AF.

Hello Zoltan,
I do not own an M50 but the modules in DXO are based on tests of a specific camera with a specific lens. If a combination of camera/lens is listed as supported by DXO you have all the automatic corrections.


Check out dxomark.com for technical analyses of lens/camera combinations. Other practical sites to that end include https://www.opticallimits.com/canon-eos/1035-canon_m1855_3556

APS-C cameras have high density sensors (similar number of megapixels on smaller areas) and are more demanding than full frame sensors. Adapted full frame lenses can struggle on APS-C sensors. My choice would be to go for lenses in the following order of priority: native > adapted aps-c > adapted ff.


Mechanical or electronic problems can happen and there is no reason DxO might be aware of them. So I agree with @Calle, the best thing to do is to contact the lens vendor or go to a shop to test if the lens is available.


Thank you for all the inputs.
My intention was a question like “It can be known, that it worked in the lab with that combination” so I can take that list.
Possible firmware incompatibility is a known risk.
Unfortunately there is no shop near me to ask/try, going to the nearest takes a day (to and back combined), so a webshop with a good return policy might be a better choice for me. Traveling might only be worth for a used one at a significantly better price.
I am mostly looking for APS-C lenses.

Thank you for posting something like this