Tele Converter module required for AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II

This lens is supported but there are no modules for any of the Nikon tele-converters. Current models are TC-14 III, TC-17 II and TC-20 III.

Hello @hedwri,

thanks for notification. I will add that to the roadmap.


Any news yet on when or if this will happen? Another birding season has arrived and it would be nice to see these new modules.

hello @LindaP57,

I’m sorry I don’t have a date to give you because we need to borrow the lens to Nikon to calibrate it with extenders and with the confinement (we have it in France) we just can’t do physical calibration at the moment.


Any update on this please? Covid-19 restrictions shouldn’t be an excuse now.

Any news on this yet?

Any update on this?


I’m sorry I didn’t answer earlier.
We still haven’t the lens for different reasons but I don’t give up on that lens.


Thank you for replying.

Anything new to report on this? I’ve only been requesting these modules for a few years now😀

Hello DXO Team,

Can you please give answer to people that are raising a very simple request ? The 300 2,8 and the TC are very common and widely used.


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Hello DXO Team,

It is not correct to not answer to your customers. Even if the answer will be negative, answering show trust and respect to eachothers.


Ce n’est pas très correct de ne pas répondre aux utilisateurs. En plus on a du mal à croire que Marie ne puisse pas se faire prêter un 300 2.8 et un TC 1.4 et 2 par Nikon pour calibration.