Tech support sucks

I have emailed them every day for 7 days trying to get an answer from them about whi SEP 3 4.3 and Viveza doesn’t seem to work on my system. I won’t bore you with the specs, thsy have them, and I am getting ready to dump PL5 and all my Nik tools and settle on Luminar AI and Topaz AI filters. So far, DXO just sucks.

PL5 is nothing to do with any problems you might be having with either SE, Viveza or any other Nik tools.

What exact problems are you having and what system are you running on?

Silver Efex Pro 3 will not load any image. Photoshop and Lightroom give me the same result when I select Nik Tools/Silver Efex Pro 3. I have the latest updates to all the affected software. I tried uninstalling and re-installing with same results. I also uninstalled the latest version of Nik Tools 4 and re-installed an older version of Nik Tools 4 which also did not work.
Win10 Pro 64
32 gig ram
By the way, 4.2 worked just fine, as soon as I upgraded to 4.3, both Viveza and SEP Pro3 won’t load images…of any kind.

Also, I never said I had an issue with PL5, I said I was ready to get rid of it because of the lack of attention I’m getting from tech support…like being ignored.

There is a saying, “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”

Why on earth would you throw out PL5 just because DxO don’t seem to be responding about issues with Nik Collection? Why not continue with an excellent (working) tool that you know until you get a response?

Personally, even though I have Nik Collection installed, I have actually never found a use for it that PL5, FP6 and VP can’t handle without all the fuss of having to work on copy TIFF files of originals instead of working on the original RAW files directly.

That’s not to say that DxO shouldn’t be responding to your requests for help.

Why would I throw out PL5? I have standards, I don’t do business with companies that don’t stand behind their product. Not receiving a response from them about my issue for over a week is annoying.

I work in several other programs also. LR, PS. Topaz, etc. SEP3 Pro just offers some unique templates I use for a good starting point for B&W work. It saves me some time. Since I have gotten no response from them, I reverted back to SEP 2 for the time being. However, I am liking the way Luminar AI works over B&W photos also.

Simply use what you are comfortable with – that’s all.

Even though we are still in the middle of a pandemic and staff may be having to work from home or even self-isolate?

As does FP6, which when used from within PL5, allows you to see previews of loads of different film types, grain, coloured filters, etc. Try it, you might like it, there’s even a 30 day free trial.

What are you referring to, FP6?

DxO FilmPack 6, which is an add-in module for FilmPack 5 for direct editing of RAW files, or can also be used standalone with other editing software.

First of all, welcome. Congratulations, you have the attention of a couple of our most prolific contributors @Joanna & @Wolfgang

Support is certainly the best place to start when you are looking for assistance. If you’d like our help. then we’ll need to know a little more about the problems you are experiencing.

System specs, yes
Installed versions of the software, also helpful.
Steps to reproduce
What you did and what happens when you do it?
Error messages and/or results

If you just came here to gripe, we’re all sorry you aren’t enjoying the software and hope you’ll hear from support soon. If you want to engage a bit, we will all try and help. Happy Holidays to you, we look forward to your reply.

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In case you didn’t see above…

Also, over 3 TB of open disk space.
I have plenty of horsepower.

SEP3 Pro 4.2 notified me of an update, I clicked on the download and installed it as I have done before many times with an update. I went into LR CC, loaded a CR2, clicked Edit In/SEP 3 Pro. The interface opens just fine, then a progress bar appears as it attempts to load the TIF, and it just stops cold. It does the same thing when I load an image (ANY image) in stand alone mode. Viveza does exactly the same thing.

I uninstalled 4.3, tried to go back to 4.2 to no avail, I get the same result. There is no error message…

@jdwebb I too have problems with Nik version 4 (all versions) and now after 2 weeks of joy with Nik 5 it too now won’t load images… But it’s only the Nik apps with the new interface that play up! I’ve had to revert to Nik (installation file still in my download folder) and all is once again working as it should - I have a support ticket open with fingers tightly crossed!