Teal and Orange


Can someone point me to the right direction please ?
I was looking for some “hue” sliders but PhotoLab do not have those.
Which tool is the most appropriate to do such a creative control like in this tutorial ?

Thank :grinning:

If I’ve got it right, or approaching it, how about this.


Edited with just two adjustments of the colour wheel…

Capture d’écran 2021-02-14 à 19.35.12 Capture d’écran 2021-02-14 à 19.35.17

White balance: Push hue to pink
HSL: modify blue and pink

I could also have cleaned out some of the reddish tone of the stone basement, but I’m too lazy right now. Note that not all images offer themselves equally well to such mods.

I guess it is a long way of experimenting.

Thank you both for your propositions.

A quick try…
Original on the left, processed on the right.