[Taskbar problem] With DPL the Windows taskbar no longer autohides when it should

[Windows 11 - DPL 7.2]

A new problem that I didn’t notice before…

  • Windows taskbar is set to autohide
  • DPL window set to maximized.

When I move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the display, the Windows taskbar is popping up, which is OK. When I move the cursor up, without clicking on anything in the taskbar, the Windows taskbar should autohide again as it does with any other application. With DPL it remains visible and DPL seems to have lost the focus. I have then to click again anywhere in the DPL main window to give it the focus again and allow the Windows taskbar to hide again.

I have tested this on various configurations, same problem. Focus problems in the DPL UI are not new but I was not aware of this one. Am I alone with this issue ?

The auto hiding feature for the Taskbar with PhotoLab maximized has never worked properly on my Windows 10 machine since PL 1. The Taskbar won’t unhide.


So, it’s not new. I’m wondering why I didn’t notice this before (or maybe I forgot). Probably related to the way I’m using DPL. Anyway, it’s an input focus problem. The DPL UI always had a problem with this.

Normally the Windows task bar is not set to auto hide.

But if done as you’ve described, the Windows taskbar disappears again as soon as I click in DPL. So no problem here (checked in PL7.2).

clicking is a problem … normal ( Windows ) apps do not need clicking

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Did you try killing explorer (in task manager) then execute it again :
[WIN + R : explorer]
[CTRL + ALT + SUPPR - task manager - file - execute : explorer]
[CTRL + SHIFT + ESC - file - execute : explorer]
Don’t close PL when doing this.

This solves me this taskbar problem anytime it happens with any application.

Just be carefull, when explorer will be killed, you’ll only have shortcuts (above) to run it again, and taskbar and start menu won’t run neither until you run explorer again.

This is not a PL problem. Other applications do that. More a window (explorer) problem than an application problem.
It happens sometime - I don’t know why.

Maybe i wasn’t clear enough. :slight_smile:

Moving the mouse from bottom to top and hovering over (visible) PL7.2 did not automatically hide the Windows taskbar.
Instead, I had to click on something “neutral” in PL (to not execute…). Now that the focus was back on PL, the taskbar has been hidden.

Just compared it to a few other apps that behaved differently. Moving the mouse pointer from the taskbar up over the app, the taskbar disappeared.

note – i’m on a multi monitor setup

I know this. Some buggy apps are causing this kind of problem. Outlook for one. But we are discussing something else.

Actually, it is. When using DPL maximized, it may happen that the mouse cursor is moved inadvertently to the bottom of the display. This happens very often when targeting UI elements located at the bottom of the main window. In well-behaved programs, this is not an issue : the taskbar hides away as soon as the mouse cursor stops hovering the taskbar (provided you didn’t click in it). Just try with ViewPoint, FilmPack, Lightroom, Photoshop… when their main window is maximized.

With DPL, when this happens, the taskbar stays displayed until you click in the main window, that is, until DPL recovers the input focus. Actually DPL should not lose the input focus when the taskbar pops up and we shouldn’t have to click again in the DPL window. That’s the problem and it is clearly related to DPL’s window management.

Input focus issues are not new in the DPL UI and I have already reported similar problems in the past. Some have been fixed but not all.

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yes true – the task bar’s auto hiding works with FP, VP, Nik ( and Explorer, Outlook … )

I have tested on both dual and single display configurations. Same problem.


After spying a little, I just noticed that the DPL main window doesn’t seem to be a standard main window but is looking like a big dialog box. If, in maximized mode, I shift the main window a few pixels to the right (I can do this on a dual display configuration), the problem with the taskbar disappears.

The problem is not present when the main window is not maximized.

This is reminding me that it is tiresome that the image strip scrollbar is at the bottom of the thumbnails and so it easy to inadvertently unhide the taskbar. Better if the scrollbar was above the thumbnails.

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I had this problem with DPL 5 so it is not new

This is the only app that I have that does this

Not the only one for me.
Did you try this when it happens :

It generally solve this for a long while - days of work for me.

So far, I am not having the problem with version 7 and the latest update of Win 10.

If it happens again, I will try your suggestions.