tArrows in thumbnails, Nik button grayed out

I am new to this version of PL3. When I import an image or open images in the finder like structure all the thumbnails have two semi-circular arrows in the center and I am unable to export to any of the Nik 3 modules .The Nik button is grayed out. I must be doing something wrong, help appreciated

Hi Mainiac and welcomed to the forum. Have you activated the Nik plug-ins? They must be activated before use.

No I have not and do not know how. I have an activation code but do not know how to use it.I’ll be grateful for help

That indicates that PhotoLab is in the process of rendering the images - which should not take long.

If your problem persists I suggest you raise an issue with DxO support.

John M

If I remember correctly, at some point in the installation process you should be asked if you want to use the free 30 day trial or activate. If you’ve paid for the Nik Collection then you can activate it using your activation code.