Target adjustment tool for curves and HSL

The request is to add an eye dropper tool to the curves and HSL tool, which allows the following:

With the eye dropper active the user can move the cursor into the image to the location he wants to adapt. There the left mouse button is pressed and the mouse is moved up or down to increase or decrease the curve for the clicked area.

In Lightroom this is called ‘Target adjustment tool’ which can be seen in action here :

Note: This is not a local adjustment. It is not a new global adjustment. It makes just the curves and HSL tools more intuitive.

As an ex Lightroom 6 user I would have to say that this is the feature I miss the most in PhotoLab. Of course most, if not all, of the competition don’t have that feature either. But I can dream.


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Yes - That would be an excellent enhancement !

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HI everyone

Topic has been taken into account.
I’m closing to free votes and give room to other topics or ideas! :slight_smile:

Thanks for you feedback and suggestions people!

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