Synchronized virtual copy

I suggest a feature to synchronize selected correction settings between the master and virtual copies.

The settings could be selected in a similar way, how we are already able to copy and paste selected correction settings from one image to another.

This would allow the following scenarios:

  • I can edit one master file, synchronize all settings except the crop. Then I can create several virtual copies for several output formats, e.g. 1:1, 5:4, etc. If I do any adjustments to any of the images, these would be synchronized among all virtual copies.
  • In a similar fashion, I could decide to only synchronize the crop. Then I could create for example a color and a black and white version. If I adjust the crop later, it would be automatically changed in both versions.
  • …

This is already possible.

Simply copy adjustments (context menu on the thumbnail) and the select the virtual copies and paste selected adjustments.

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You are right, it is already possible manually. What I would like is an automated synchronization.

How would it know which virtual copies to affect and which settings to copy?

If you don’t want the same settings every time, how will you differentiate which settings for which virtual copies and, if you need to change that, isn’t that going to take just as long?

Or are you thinking about something like preset sub-sets of settings?

How would you cope with local adjustments?

You could right click on a virtual copy and there could be an entry like “synchronize correction settings”. That would open a window that looks exactly like the windows for pasting selected correction settings. Any selection that is active would be synchronized with the master file for that virtual copy. There could be little symbol in the film strip to visualize that synchronization is active.

You can do exactly that but the menu option is called “Paste all correction settings”.

There is a similar function for copy and paste metadata too called “Paste all correction settings”.

Isn´t this pretty good as it is?

Note that it’s already possible to work like this;

  • Create “several” VCs for an image
  • Select ALL images in the set (Master and VCs)
  • Make any/all corrections as required; they will be synchronised across ALL selected versions
  • Now select each version one-by-one and apply individual crops, as required.

That would seem to achieve the outcome you’re after (?)

Regards, John M