Sync metadata

PL5.2 finds a conflict with multiple images in a directory.
However, individual images cannot be synchronized! The buttons are greyed out.

If you tick “apply to all images”, the buttons are active and all images are synchronized.

Good morning @Siggi ,

Actually, individual images can be synchronized as well but the image you press “metadata conflict” icon should be selected. If you just press this icon on the image which is not primarily selected (displayed in the preview), the buttons are disabled as in your screenshot.

Could you, please double check?
Svetlana G.

yes my fault. The picture was not selected. Thank you @Svetlana


Operation is inconsistent with the S symbol for data synchronization. The image does not have to be selected when you click the trash can icon to delete the file. :wink:

Yes, true - you do not need to select the image to delete but for the Metadata you should.
Let’s ask @Musashi if it’s worth to be improved :slight_smile:

Svetlana G.

Thank you, best regards

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Hello @Siggi thanks for this
@sgospodarenko, for me it’s a bug, we need to improve it.

Best regards

It’s a bug on the Windows version I guess…

Well, it was designed like this from the very beginning but I’m glad to here we will improve it.

Svetlana G.