Switching computers

Hello I have recently bought a new computer and want to switch the dxo lab to my new one. How can I go about this?

Hi Lauren and welcome to the community! Depending upon which version of PL3 you own, you have either 2(essential) or 3(elite) activations available on your license. If you haven’t already used them all just download PL3 onto your new computer and use the same activation code as on your old computer. If you have used them all then you will have to contact DXO and ask them to remove the activation on your old computer provided that you no longer wish to use it.

Hi Lauren - I have just done exactly the same, I backed up the catalogue and of course the photo folders etc. Then just transferred these to the new computer and imported the back up of the catalogue.

BUT - all my projects lost the file path, although files in exactly same file structure as before. I had to go through each one to update it. Luckily I’m new to DxO and only had 60 images in my projects. Would be a pain if there had been 1,000s!

Good Luck

Hello John,
I have not done what you did in a long time but if I remember correctly when I corrected the file path of one image in a specific folder all the other files of that folder were also correctly updated.
Are you saying that you had to correct individually every single file of the 60 fotos?


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Hi Sigi

I found the same as you, if the images were in the same base folder, it did them all, but I only had a few like that. Most were in different folders, but all within an overall master folder, those I had to do individually :frowning:

Cheers John