Switch from Lightroom / Questions

Hi All,

I’ve bought PhotoLab already with version 2 but never used it. Now my Lightroom 6 started to crash everytime I delete a picture, I thought I give PhotoLab another try and upgraded to version 4. But well, I’m not entirely happy. But as I’m willing to learn I hope to get answers to my problems here:

  1. I don’t see in the preview whether I have already worked on a picture. In Lightroom there are little icons in the preview pictures showing me that I changed something. This helped a lot as I can see instantly which pictures I already worked on. Is there something similar?

  2. Rotating a picture is really slow and sometimes gives me artifacts.

I would prefere to have a point in the picture which I can drag and rotate not only the slider. And I don’t lilke to “horizon line” I can place. That’s good if you have a clear horizon but not otherwise.

  1. Whe resizing a picture, first: Is there a shortcut to enable to resizing? I don’t like using my mouse too much and would prefer to work with the keyboard as much as possible. And when finished resizing, it would be good to exit with a double click, why is that no possible? I have to press Enter which means I have to change from the mouse to the keyboard again.

  2. Brightness: It would be good if I could change the brightness in the histogram and not only with the sliders in “selektive tonwerte”

  3. Is there anything similar like “Dynamik” in Lightroom? Which increases the color saturation but without going into 100%?

That’s it so far… right now I’m much slower in PhotoLab than in Lightroom but I’m willing to adjust my habits/workflows and learn PhotoLabs but I need to be as fast as I was before.