Swapable layer system with opacity and mask control for all tools processed after demosaicing

I know this is a real feature, maybe a big architectural change, and not a simple add to some existing functions.And it would probably need lot of work.
But it would improve a lot photolab in it’s present form, and would be a game changer on how all future tools could be handled.

For the majority of settings they do not need ordering or masking. Local Adjustments already have masks. It has been rumoured that more of the regular adjustments could be added to the local adjustments tools, thus making them maskable. Would that equate to what you are talking about?

Yes. It would be great to be able to use about every tool in local adjustment (wich could even see their masking system improved with time, as it has already been done recently). Very great.
BUT this would involve to solve the major problem of them : it can drive mad to enter very precise values in them (and I know all possible ways). I can’t understand why, because this is not some thing hard to develop, isn’t it ?

On Mac, locate the pointer over the setting you want to change and use arrow up/down to increment by one unit per tap.

Caveat: this will flood “Advanced History”… which is not that advanced in such a case :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not on PC. Not on mine.
And the left right mouse position drives mad. If someone can change precisely color temperature for instance with this, he is lucky. Not me.
Maybe developers only use mac ?

Good morning!

On PC it’s done like this:
the further you move the mouse the slower is the sliders change.

Svetlana G.

I’m sorry Svetlana but this is a Windows only feature that, from what I can gather from Windows users, is nowhere near accurate enough for setting sliders like the Colour Temperature, for example.

On Mac, we are limited to being able to use the up/down arrow keys but this is implemented by a series of, apparently, random intervals that can be too big for some people.

A lot of us are hoping that this can be resolved by putting the sliders in the local adjustments palette in the side bar (hint, hint) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have the same hope :slight_smile:

  • Seems yes, it’s only for Win as arrows navigation is not available for LC sliders.

Svetlana G.

Hi, nice to be able to talk to DxO staff.

I and lot of other photolab user know the way you showed to adjust sensitivity (right left mouse move).
But this is not efficient. As I said it often drives mad : too much left, too much right, ohh seems good, arghhh I didn’t slide in perfect vertical line, reset , try again and so on.
And when you have to make a very minor adjustment, trying to move mouse to the right change about everytime a lot the initial value (maybe you’re able to make perfect horizontal line everytime you move your mouse, but I think most users can’t) and … No, really this is a nightmare.
Major problem is most of the time it is not possible to make small needed adjustments.
And I use this for a very long time.
And this is the only photo software (I use a least 3 on a regular basis) wich has this behavior.
As I said in an other topic, maybe the solution would be to change mouse sensitivity everytime I use photolab, but as you probably understand, this is definitely not a solution.

Anyway nice you read this, and hope you will do something for it.

Hello @JoPoV ,

Nice to meet you in the forum!

  • Yes, I do agree with you - it’s not very convenient. And the best solution here is the variant suggested by @Joanna . We discussed this variant but right now I can’t give you the timeframe of when it’ll be implemented.

Svetlana G.

As I have said before, this could cause a minor war between the “U-Point-ists” and the “Sidebar-ists” but, as others have also pointed out, there is a also a growing call for more local adjustments - something that is never going to happen if the “U-Point-ists” prevail.

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Easy to solve :
Let U point as it is (easy to hide U point actual control with shortcut) and add sidebar control.

No -ist, no war, evrybody’s happy. Isn’t that simple ?

If it was possible to select in the settings the U-Point tools one wants to use… it would be win win for everybody.
But it needs some brainstorming and a bit more of UI/UX ressources to have a great mix to please everyone. Impossible n’est pas français :joy: ( n’est-ce pas @StevenL ?)

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Sauf si on a besoin d’un plombier pas cher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mario, Luigi ? :thinking: :joy:

En Bretagne ? C’est loin !

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Entre autre, surtout par les temps actuels …

Please check Viveza 2 (Nik 3.3) – access the same selected U-Point

  • over the pic
    – AND –
  • on the RHS menu.

The only nuisance is, that double clicking on the slider (over the pic) instantly enlarges the pic to 100% instead resetting the slider.

BTW, the UI from Viveza 2 not only allows to handle both

  • the global
    – and –
  • selective / local adjustments

but without extending the RHS menu
– like it is now in the new versions (Viv3, SEP3 from Nik 4).

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The further you move the mouse pointer away the greater the granularity. I suppose it is more difficult on a smaller monitor because you will simply run out of room to move the mouse, but on a 28 inch monitor like mine I can move the mouse far enough to get good granularity even on color temperature. However, I would be very happy to see the equalizer replaced by regular palette sliders.


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My problem with the equalizer, especially when changing the colour temperature:
to grab the given setting and pull it further out (to the right)
without unintentionally changing the start value.

And ‘of course’ I have to be really careful when / how to release the mouse button
not to change again the new value
(or the start value, when to keep the old setting).

  • Eizo CG2730, 2560x1440
  • Windows 10 (21H2), 125%
  • mouse speed set to 10 (medium)