Supported Cameras?

Can anyone tell me if the Canon R5 and R6 are supported in the Nik Collection 3? I currently have the one time paid version of DXO Photolab 4 and they are supported in that software. I do not have the Nik Collection 3 software yet, but would like to buy the one time paid version if I am sure it supports the Canon R5 and R6. I also have micro 4/3 Olympus Camera, but those are likely supported in Nik Collection 3 as they have been around for a while.

The Nik Collection works with RGB files that you a) export from PhotoLab, or b) with RGB files that you simply drag onto the desired Nik application icon.

This means that you can benefit from all the goodies of a camera that is supported by PhotoLab.

Since you already have PL4 - I offer some suggestions that may save you some time;

Color Efex Pro is an excellent tool - providing features not readily applied in PL (if at all)
Silver Efex Pro is excellent for monochromes
Analog Efex Pro provides some interesting creative opportunities (if that’s your “thing”)
However, the rest of the Nik tools are pretty well covered in PL itself - - tho, perhaps there’s an argument that Viveza does have an edge in some aspects.

John M

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