Support Sigma 4,5-6,3/60-600 DG OS N/AF HSM Sport for Nikon

If there is already a timetable, when is there an optical module for the Sigma 4.5-6.3 / 60-600 DG OS N / AF HSM Sport for Nikon?

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For now we catch up support on more standard focal but 60-600mm will be planned. I can’t give you a date of modules release, sorry.

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I just wanted to open my own topic to this lens but then I saw, that there is already a request from march for it.

I really really want to buy this lens for my Nikon D850 and I need it, but it doesn’t help me, if PhotoLab does not support the lens (and camera combination).

I have already used the suggestion button twice, but nothing happens.

Could you please …?


we will receive the 60-600mm for Canon and Nikon in a few days and so do calibration.
We should release their support in November or December, depending on release planning.


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Hello Marie,

thank you for the great news.


Is there a possibility of releasing a tool to allow users to create their own modules, at least to adjust for distortion? It wouldn’t need to be as sophisticated as what DxO creates, but I have a number of older lenses that I’m sure you will never support (such as AI Nikkors from the 1980’s), and it would be nice to be able to create my own profiles.

You can manually adjust it and save it as a preset

I just see, that this lens is supported now (with my camera). Great!

Unfortunately there is no module for this lens in combination with the Sigma Teleconverter 2x TC-2001. Yes, I have done it and the pictures look great. So what can I do or is there something planned? For the Nikon D850.

As far as I know they’re not supported, with my Sigma 150 macro it came up as a Canon one. Wasn’t a problem for me as I ended up with the Canon one anyway.

Here is only the “Attention triangle” with the exclamation mark.

It’s odd some times I had the ‘wrong’ module come up. I did with the Canon 70-200 mk 2 when OP used the mk1 information. The problem then was when the actual MK2 data came out there is no easy way of using the new/correct modusl in place of the one used as you have to remove the side bars and database. When I used the 150 with the sigma converter as said it treated it as the Canon one. Buy my wife has an unsupported lense that we would love to get a suitable modusl to work with it, but as with you non ever have.