Support Page not available

This Problem now exists for weeks, how should i answer to a Ticket now?

This page is temporarily unavailable.
The follow-up and the processing of your request will be done by email.
Please submit your request to us by contacting Customer Support via our contact form [ **here** ](

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Weirdly, it loaded the correct support page and then cut to the one you describe saying the support page was unavailable

Looks like it has been turned off and a page redirect put in (sloppily too as it shouldn’t load the reporting page at all)

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@sgospodarenko - maybe Svetlana can solve this.

This problem is much, much older than a few weeks. Unfortunately, there’s no estimate for when this will change. Just do as the message says: update support tickets by replying to e-mail messages you receive about them. In the mean time, you can still submit new support requests via (I see there’s a new interface there, so maybe all issues will be resolved soon?)

I tried creating a support ticket and couldn’t do so it just ended up endless asking for me to input digits.I also was unclear about what the different options were about.

hm, i want to activate VIewpoint, Filmpack and the Nik Collection on a new Device, so i need that they reset the license counter or what ever they use to activate. In the past i get an answer in a day.