Support of Sony RX100 M5A

As an addon to my DSLR I recently bought a Sony RX100 M5A (kind of facelifted M5 with some features of the RX100 M6). As I am tempted to make use of the PhotoLab v2 launch offer, I downloaded the test version first to check support of the M5A raw file format. Unfortunately, it seems that PhotoLab2 cannot open these files (extension ARW). Are there any plans to include support for the M5A in PhotoLab v2 and, if yes, when?

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Hello @Heppl,

I will add the RX100 VA to the roadmap (I’m sorry I let it out till now) but I can’t give you a date for the release at the moment.

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Do you have more recent information on the date of availability of the module for the rx100 VA?

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Yes. Would be really good to know when the RX100 VA will be supported.
Preferably before the next Black Friday and the respective special price :slight_smile:

Hello, Marie, some news about RX100 VA, please?

Hello @pavka8,

sorry but for now I can’t give you any update.


Please add me to the list of people who are waiting for PhotoLab to support the RX100 M5A. Here I am with a nice new camera but I can’t use my favourite editor!

Bump on the Va support, anxiously awaiting this update.

Hello Marie
Why is not it written on the schedule?
Is there any reason?


schedule hasn’t been updated for some time as we are working on getting back module schedule.
But il will be updated soon. Sony RX100 VA will be in the next + 1 release (not the next one but the one just after).


I am too waiting for RX100 VA support.

As a temporary workaround I found that changing EXIF entry in the RAW file for camera model to DSC-RX100M5 (which is RX100 V) before opening it in DxO PL works pretty well. On Mac you need to install exiftool and then run following command in terminal:
exiftool -Model=‘DSC-RX100M5’ photo.ARW

  • I made a test by modifying in the exif ‘rx1005A’ by ‘Rx100V’.
    The correction of the lens is perfect, but the colors are too magenta.

  • I did the same test by changing ‘rx100VA’ by ‘rx100VI’.
    The correction of the lens is not good, but the colors are perfect.

(If the 5A’s lens is the same as the 5’s, I think the 5A’s engine is the same as the 6)

So, for now, there is no real solution …
I look forward to this update


Hello @Marie

Do you have a rough idea of the timing for the release of the next release + 1? (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, …?)

This is important for me, because I had to take an annual license at catpture one only for the rx100MVA, and it comes soon to the end (and I do not want to take a new license at home if this is not necessary)

On DxO supported cameras page there is information that:

  • DxO PhotoLab 2.2.0 is planned for 02/2019
  • DxO PhotoLab 2.3.0 is planned for 04/2019

You can just enter “2019” in the search box to see that.

@Marie do you mean that RX100 VA support is planned for 2.3.0 (04/2019) release or one after that?

Hello @dPonpon and @Maciej,

PL 2.2 should have been released on february 27th but we had to postpone it of 1 week so finally it will be in March. Sorry for that delay.

RX100 VA support is planned for 2.3.0 (04/2019).

  • RX100 VA has same lens as RX100 V (24-70mm equivalent) but not as RX100 VI (24-200mm equivalent) so that’s why you get good results if you change model name in Exif for RX100 V and not for RX100 VI.
  • We will have a look to htat magenta issue you noticed.

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Any news on the support of Sony a6400? And the Sigma 56/1.4?

dPonpon’s comments are in line with what can be expected based on the technical specifications of the RX100 VA.
It was announced to combine the sensor of the newer RX100 VI with the lens of the “older” models including the RX100 V. Maybe you can further improve your workaround by modifying the exif data for camera model to RX100 VI but lens specifications of RX100 V “24-70mm” :wink:

Unfortunately, with the Windows version of exiftool I was not able to make corrections in the exif (camera model) in a way that the image can be opened in PhotoLab.

Well anyhow, I will probably wait till next black Friday and promotion discount to buy PhotoLab license. I hope until then the RX100 VA will be finally supported.

Hello @sankos,

I hope to be able to release Sony A6400 on April but I can’t be sure.
Modules for Sigma 56mm F1.4 in Sony mount will be released Wednesday.



Great to hear it, Marie. Thank you.