Support of Fuji X-T100

One of the release notes to PhotoLab2 promised a support of the Fuji X-T100 (non-X-Trans sensor), alongside X-A5 (which has been supported since v. 2.1), yet the list of supported cameras doesn’t mention that camera. Is X-T100 going to be supported by DxO?

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Hello @sankos,

We had to delay support of X-T100 because of have to prioritize cameras we support and this last months have been full with a lot of new big cameras.
We removed X-T100 from the roadmap because i couldn’t give a date for sure. But we will support that camera.


Thank you Marie for the answer. It’s good to know that DxO haven’t given up on that interesting camera. My personal opinion is that new camera and lens support should be the top priority for DxO, just like bug fixes for the software. Introducing new features is cool, but new users can be attracted if you support cameras and lenses faster than Adobe and Phase One.


Existing users can be lost if their new cameras and lenses are not supported. I’d also love to see full Fuji X support (including X Trans) within PhotoLab.

The easy way to do it would be to partner with Brian Griffith of Iridient Digital who already has an excellent Irident Transformer which demosaics X Trans files prior to bringing them in for RAW development. Even Griffith’s own Iridient Developer works much faster with X Trans files which have been through Iridient Transformer first. Fuji X photographers who use Lightroom swear by Iridient Transformer.

I use Iridient Developer and not Lightroom so I don’t own X Transformer yet as PhotoLab doesn’t support it. I’m not sure I’m going to keep shooting Fuji X at all, as PhotoLab doesn’t support Fuji X and it’s such a huge disadvantage to process photos in anything else (C1 comes close at up to mid-ISO but I don’t like the workflow at all). So without PhotoLab support, I’m less keen to shoot Fuji X cameras as the SOOC jpegs are better than most RAW development programs can do. Moreover, it’s very slow to work with Fuji X Trans RAW files if they haven’t been through X Transformer first.

Fuji X cameras and lenses are not inexpensive and its devoted shooters are very open to better processing tools. Supporting X Transformer would instantly make PhotoLab the best tool for Fuji X users. Fuji X shooters are often the type of people (like me) who care about how their tools look and PhotoLab would appeal to many of them.