Support Google Pixel 3 Smartphone

The new Pixel 3 has one of the top cameras according to DXOmark, and it natively produces raw images.

Likewise for the Pixel 2, which has been out even longer. Both Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 take advantage of recent Google software updates.

Is this the same request as Support of the generic DNG format of Android phones ?

You mean the one that said it was being worked on a full year ago?

Having just tried to open some .dng files from a 3a, I am absolutely shocked that there’s no support for the Pixel range yet.

Is there a converter that will make them into something PhotoLab will read properly?

Actually the only way to make DNGs from Pixel phones available for PhotoLab is to use another program like Affinity Photo or LR and convert them into JPG or TIFF.

Using Adobe DNG converter is of no use as resulting files still can’t be used in PhotoLab.
Not being able to process images of unsupported cameras is a real drawback of this software! I do not assume that I have all the tools available for such files but at least I can process them manually.

Note: in Affinity Photo it’s possible to convert/develop RAW files to JPG (or similar) in batches.

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