Support fot the DJI Mini 3

With the release of the new DJI Mini 3 drone which is a really good drone with a great camera, it would definately be beneficial to DxO to support this drone.

Please regards this as an official request for PL support of the DJI Mini 3.


Here is how to edit your DJI Mini 3 RAW photos in PhotoLab while waiting for official support:

  1. Take photos using manual White Balance of 5500K
  2. Change Model = FC7303 using EXIFTool (exiftool -overwrite_original -Model=FC7303)
  3. Set White Balance to Manual and set Temperature = 5500 and Tint=0
  4. Vignette = 40
  5. Using the Tone Curve reduce the greens lightly
  6. Adjust as required

This works for both 12Mp and 48Mp files.

Here is a Partial Preset to apply the above changes:

DJI Mini 3 Colour + Lens.preset (2.9 KB)


Now available for DJI Mini 3 Pro !!!