Support for X-T5 Color Rendering From Camera

Support for Fujifilm Film Simulations from the X-T5 in Color Rendering is not present in v6.2.0 (as it has been for the X-T3). Is this something that will be added in the future?

Edit: The option is there, but not for files created with the X-T5’s original firmware, which is what I was working on at the time I posted this.

Not the same thing.
Screenshot 2023-01-13 201320
Screenshot 2023-01-13 200500

DXO Filmpack and Fujifilm’s film simulations. PhotLab has supported the color profile chosen in-camera from earlier models in the X-T series. The latest update, v6.2.0 is the first to support the X-T5, but it does not offer support for the simulation chosen in-camera.

The full range of simulations can be applied in Capture 1, and by using Fujifilm’s X RAW Studio (and probably Lightroom) if I want to experiment, but I prefer Photolab’s RAW conversion for most images.

The topic question is legitimate. I suspect FilmPack 6.7 standalone has the same problem. FP 6.2 added 11 Fujifilm simulations, but the release notes make no mention of the greater number of simulations the XT5 is capable of. Camera support for the XT5 was added to FP6.7 and to the latest PhotoLab 6, but apparently not the full film simulation matching.

You don’t need to install FilmPack to have this in PhotoLab by the way. Might need a FilmPack license added to PL6, though?

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I found what I was looking for (somewhat). RAW files imported from my X-T3 and X100F cameras have the option for rendering From Camera under the Generic Renderings selection:
Screenshot 2023-01-13 201320

That option is not there for files from the X-T5. However if the category Color positive films is selected, three Fuji options (among others) are presented. Since Provia is what I selected in-camera, that solves my immediate issue.
Screenshot 2023-01-14 082058

I have software that will apply the full range of offerings for each camera, so I am not looking to update my quite old copy of Filmpack.


This is not correct. Everything is contained in PhotoLab. It only matters which licenses you have activated.

Why would OP spend the money on something he doesn’t need? I’ve already spent the money on software (Capture 1) that will apply the full range.

And you are correct - the option is there in files created after the X-T5 firmware update to 1.01, but is not there for the files created before that, so it appears to be a firmware issue.

I think in your desire to tout FilmPack as the solution to the OPs issue you are also missing the fact that as of PL5 (can’t recall exactly when during it life cycle) that owners of Fuji cameras don’t need FilmPack to have the camera rendered simulations matched and applied.
Whether the XT-5 has a new one vs the XT-3/4 I don’t know but assuming it has is that what the OP is having issue with. Maybe DXO have yet to add that specific rendering yet.

But if my memory serves correctly then no Fuji owner now needs FilmPack to apply the correct simulation to the RAW that they used in camera when taking the shot. Which is exactly how the competition works.
I don’t know whether it will only apply the same as shot or whether you can chose the other body supported sims as well though. I know LRc lets you chose any of the camera available renderings.

I bought FilmPack just before this change and tbh it annoyed me as at the time both C1 and LRc were happily matching the simulation used in camera if desired and at no extra cost beyond initial purchase/subscription.

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When I posted this last night, I was using files created by the original firmware. I checked again with a later file that was taken after the 1.01 firmware update, and the option is indeed there, but not for the older images.

Possibly a bug in how PL is reading the files/RAFs from the original firmware.
Might be worth starting a support ticket to ask.

I only have the XT-4 but have no issue with PL5 and likewise 6 when I had the trial detecting and applying the correct simulation that I was using in camera.

Wonder if the original XT-5 firmware was writing the film simulation to the exif in a way that PL6 wasn’t detecting it.