Support for Tilt-Shift lenses?

Hi there. Thanks to Black Friday I am a new PureRAW user. I purchased the licence after a few very impresssing tests. Now I have just encountered a problem with a lens I hadn’t tested. :wink:

I have got a Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L (Mark 1) and it seems as if there’s no profile for this lens. So I don’t get the optical correction. This is a shame since the lens would heavily benefit from it. It’s a bit on “the soft side” and tends to chromatic aberrarions. So optical corrections would be great!

But after thinking about it, I suspect that this is a general issue for TS lenses. I think it’s hard to get a profile for such lenses, since the characteristics are different when they’re tilted or shifted. But as a compromise it would be helpful to have at least a “centered lens profile” (no shifting, no tilting), since they are used this way often or maybe only slightly shifted. In this case it’s probably better to use the “centered lens profile” over no profile at all.

Is there any chance to get support for TS lenses in PureRAW?