Support for the Leica M10 and Leica M10P

Long over due. This software is almost useless without it.


@Marie-Catherine, could you, please, assist?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

We already support Leica M10. We have to release optical modules now it write aperture valu in Exif.
We will plan Leica M10-P when we can.

Sorry you are wrong there are no modules to support the M10

Again the App clearly states the M10 is not supported. A camera that was released over a year ago. Please support before I go to another application.DXO%20No

Hello @sandy,

Modules mentioned in that pop-up window are optical correction modules.
As when Leica M10 didn’t write Aperture info in Exif when it was launched we couldn’t do optical modules. Aperture is a critical information to know to correct vignetting and lens sharpness for example.

But you can process RAW and JPG images in PhotoLab, camera itself is supported.

Can you provide me one RAW+JPG image from you camera so I can check ?

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Bonjour Marie and @Sandy

On the macOS version I confirm that I can open and edit my Leica M10 DNG files.

However as mentionned here, there is no lens profile « yet » as I can understand in this post.
I am happy to read that something might come now.
@Marie let me know if I can be helpful.

Thank you Marie and Mark for clearing this up. I understand that, through a firmware update, the M10 does now produce an approximation of the F stop.



You are welcome

Leica M10 seems to be supported but not M10-P. Why could -P not get the same support as M10 waiting for an upgrade that also can read aperture value in EXIF as for the M (240)?
And while rumbling; I wish for support for the Hasselblad X1D.

Aperture info is now in the EXIF information for all M10 models. Though, like the M240, it is a guess by the camera software.

I heard somewhere that support for the X1D was scheduled for November.


Hello @sandy,

we have released support for Hasselbald X1D in PhotoLab 2.0

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Thank you for the update Marie. I guess it is time to update.



And now I find support for the Hasselblad D1X in PhotoLab2 Elite (As Marie informed). Thank you!


Hello to all,
According to Leica, the only modification between M10 and M10-P concerns the shutter and the LiveView screen, nothing that could reasonably interfere with PhotoLab operations. Indeed, I edit the EXIF file in my DNG pictures to change the camera field from “M10-P” to “M10” and PL 2 works fine (except of course for the optical modules which we all are eagerly expecting)

Hello @Shutterbug,

thanks for information about Leica M10-P and M10-D.
I’ll see if we can speed up their support.

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Shutterbug, thank you for that info! I am also finding that PL2 does not read m10-p DNG files. would love to have M10p supported asap for the same reason you mentioned- no change wrt DNG generated as compared to leica m10. how do you change ( what program? ) the exif to leica m10? j

Have a look on Exiftool.
But only use it on a copy, keep the original safe.


thank u for that info

I tried the exiftool, but the camera model listed on the DNG from Leica M10-P, as read by Exiftool says its Leica M10 (which is technically accurate). However, PL2 still does not read, though I believe that Leica M10 is supported (unless I am mistaken)

here’s a read out of the exif from the DNG file

As Shot Neutral : 0.4688644689 1 0.7596439169
Baseline Exposure : 0
Bayer Green Split : 50
Anti Alias Strength : 0
Calibration Illuminant 1 : Standard Light A
Calibration Illuminant 2 : D65
Profile Name : LEICA M10
Profile Look Table Dims : 3 2 1
Profile Look Table Data : (Binary data 35 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Profile Look Table Encoding : Linear
Default User Crop : 0 0 1 1
Aperture : 2.8
CFA Pattern : [Red,Green][Green,Blue]
Image Size : 5984x3992
Jpg From Raw : (Binary data 4354 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Megapixels : 23.9
Preview Image : (Binary data 89882 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Shutter Speed : 1/90
Focal Length : 90.0 mm
Light Value