Support for Sony DSC-HX99


I have bought a new DSC-HX99 camera. It makes RAW files. I am wondering when do you plan to support it?



I just figured I’d add my voice for HX99 support. It’s a wonderful camera, especially for its size. Please, put it on the 2019 support list.

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Seriously can’t believe this camera isn’t supported since so many other Sony cameras are.

What a disappointment.

I also got a Sony HX99, which makes great pictures considering its size.
But I am so disappointed that DxO still does not support this Sony camera…
I use DxO on RAWs of another camera of mine (Canon R7), and DxO would also be very useful on the RAWs of this Sony camera!

It’s 2023 and DXO still does NOT support Sony RAW files. :upside_down_face:

@DxO, again - please support the Sony HX99. It’s my second camera and very nice.

Please support it


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I recently submitted another RAW file from my HX99 in hopes of some support. If more people make requests it can only help - I hope.

Hi John,

In this highly generalized form, this is really not true at all.

I’m quite happy with DxOs support of my Sony DSC-RX100M5A as well as my Sony Alpha-7 Mk.I.

I would suggest to switch from th HX99 to the RX100 :wink:

Regards - Matthias

Hi Matthias,
sorry, but you can’t compare the HX99 with the RX100.
Both cameras has complete different technical data (sensor size, zoom) and therefore different “use cases”.
Regards, Uwe