Support for SONY A7 IV

The Sony A7 IV is quite new. Do you plan do support this camera in DxO PhotoLab? E.g. the RAW format?

Hello @wolf1 ,

yes we plan to support the A7 IV on the first quarter of 2022.


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Still waiting…

The next camera release will be in March which is still in the first quarter.


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You have just released an update but it doesn’t include Sony A7IV yet. Will there be another update before the end of this month that will enable users of this camera to process RAW through your expensive software?

Hello Chris,

yes , there will be a new update soon with a group of cameras added.


Many thanks for the quick reply Marie, I will look forward to this update.

Hello Marie and DxO,

Now we are a week into March and still see no support for Sony A7 IV in PL, not even in the latest 5.1.4. This camera has very good reviews and seems popular, as far as the shortage of semi-conductors in the production allows delivery. I must say that I agree with the reviews. This Sony is fantastic!

As you most likely understand, since I have invested in PL versions 3, 4 and lately also 5, I want to make use of all I find great in PL also for this camera´s pictures. It is high time now to make your release. When is the date it will happen? For the moment being, I use Capture One Express for Sony for the first treatment of my ARW files. In that program the A7 IV “already” is included. For how long time will I have to use Capture One? I may become accustomed… ;>)

Best regards, Staffan Ă….

Why pestering them? All the information has been provided above. There are still three weeks left in the quarter

So the answer should be “less than 3 weeks”


It will be supported in the next release sometime this month. This has been discussed in a couple of different threads. PhotoLab 5.2 will be available shortly.


Ok, happy to get that confirmed! I am really concerned to make the best use of what gets out of my new camera. It was expensive but takes very good RAW photos and is well worth the best editing tools on top. However, time goes by, and I am understandably eager to go on using the PL that I appreciate very much.

Best regards, Staffan

The DXO website lists this camera as supported. Very disappointing to find that an update still has not been sent out and they’re advertising it as supported now.

No, it doesn’t say that the A7IV is supported, but that will be the case from 2022-03.
If as planned, an update comes out of mid-march, there are no more than a few days of waiting.

Dear DXO-Team. I am waiting now for DXO Photolab5 support since 4 months. I must say that I am very angry, sind the camera is now supported since one week in PureRaw2. Now Photolab 5.13 is released, still not version 5.2 and still no support for Sony A7 4. And end of march is near. Sorry, but this is disappointing and in future I will not buy any more new release of the software. There are many good options out which support the camera already since end of 2021. I have the impression that you only want to make new money (PureRaw2).

Hello Photopassion,
a few posts up Marie wrote that it will be supported in Q1/2022. So why do you get angry already now, Q1 has not ended yet.


The A7IV will be supported for Win and Mac from version V5.2 probably next week.

You say probably, your supported cameras page states April; that’s up to another 30 days past March. Getting beyond a joke, this camera has been in customers’ hands for over three months.

It’s still indicated 2022-03 on the DxO website

not when i look here DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

In the FR version, it’s 2022-03 :joy: