Support for Sony a6400 ARW …

… would be nice. Thank you!


Support of A6400 is planned, we will try to do it for release of April but there is no certainty we can make it, there is a possibility it come with the release after.

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Merci, Marie, for the information.

Some a6400 files are seen in DXO Photolab2, and some are listed as corrupted. I had to switch to Phase One to complete my last two photo events jobs.

Any comments?

Hello Dan,

Weclome to the forum :slight_smile:
Well, it’s a bit hard to comment with so little information.

Can you upload 1 or 2 files PhotoLab sees as corrupted so we can analyze it ?
And can you try to copy these files in another folder and look if PhotoLab can see them correctly or not in that new folder ? Don’t copy .dop files if you have them.