Support for Samsung Galaxy

Request DxO PhotoLab support dng format of Samsung Galaxy smartphone series (or any other Samsung product that allows taking a raw image).
DxO currently only supports Apple which at one time was a logical choice. However, Samsung has gained considerable market share since that time and is especially focused on camera capability. To be clear, Apple still dominates the smartphone market with 50% vs. 24% as of Q3 2022. However, Samsung has a market share (in shipments) of 27.14% in 2023, neck and neck with Apple. In addition, " Adobe and Samsung have banded together to ease the difficulties of advanced smartphone photography on Samsung’s new [Galaxy S23, S23 Plus] The smartphones will exclusively use Adobe’s Lightroom software to handle the raw-format photos that pros and enthusiasts prefer. Apple and Samsung have won the smartphone war and is appropriate to add support for the Galaxy line to DxO.

“At one time” is the key phrase there. If you look closely, you’ll see the newest Apple phone supported is 6 years old. I wouldn’t hold your breath for this.

I fear DxO are intent of hanging on to a declining market of cameras and refuse to even do DNG support for unsuported cameras to exclude phone use.

I have a similar fear; I think that DxO plans to compete in the higher-end camera space which will probably remain relatively constant as opposed to the lower end. The non-support of DNG is baffling; I can only assume that the lens correction emphasis is the culprit - a culprit that should be disposed of. Because of all this, I have come up with a convoluted way of dealing with this: discovered digiKam making it and its associated keywording process king of the hill; then use Open As on different file types to get the real image processor of choice (assuming one doesn’t use digiKam for that). There are two benefits to this: 1) you get to tag ALL the stuff in a folder, e.g. mp4 and any unshown thumbs with keywords; 2) dng can be processed. For this, I specify Adobe Bridge which → Camera Raw which->CS6 for dng’s; and for others, DxO for my Panny raw, and MPC-HC for mp4’s. (where → means “can lead to” depending on need) Of course, other choices could be made. Never thought I’d go back to Bridge but…