Support for Panasonic GX-9 this month?

Support for Panasonic GX-9 is announced to have 10/18. So - more or less now. Is there a chance that it will be done this month? I’m waiting impatiently, because I don’t like DNG conversion and Lightroom processing very much. :wink:


Yes, I confirm, you will get it this month. Regards,
Svetlana G.

Great news, thanks!

Supported since today -

Svetlana G.

I found the Mk2 canon 70-200 f4 is now listed (but with only X2 mk3 extender not 1.4 Mkk3?) but the program isn’t picking up the camera/lens combination and still saying the basic 70-200f4. How do you force it to get the right lens?

Hello @John7,
With PhotoLab 2 we released modules for
• Canon EF70-200mm f/4L IS II USM
• Canon EF70-200mm f/4L IS II USM + EF 1.4x II
• Canon EF70-200mm f/4L IS II USM with EF 1.4x III
• Canon EF70-200mm f/4L IS II USM with EF 2x III

(and same for Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM)

If the right module isn’t associated to your images can you upload one or two images so I can test ? JPG from the camer are enough, I don’t need RAW files.

Best regards,

As I wrote earlier, this is great news. PhotoLab 2 also looks quite good. It’s evolution rather than revolution in relation to 1.x but it’s OK. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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