Support for Panasonic G90 / G95


Any idea how long it takes for the Panasonic G90 / G95 and the new Panasonic 14-140mm mkII (H-FSA14140) to be supported by Photolab?

I have just received mine today, but can’t use it to it’s full capacity if I can’t edit RAW in PL :slight_smile:

kind regards, Frank

Hello @Frankster69,

we will work on support of that camera very soon but release with that support will be at fall.


Hello Marie,

At fall? That long? Can I be a tester and have it more early?

I’m a regular advocate for DxO, I recommend it to everyone when the topic is Raw conversion. There’s just no better one in my opinion. While I have others, I know I can’t get the most of my images without it.

kind regards, Frank