Support for older camera/lens combinations

I’ve noticed the latest version of PhotoLab wasn’t recognising images taken with an older Sony A7R2. After a lot of investigating i found that images taken with my A7R2 and 35mm f1.8 lens were recognised correctly in Photolab v4 but failed to recognise in Photolab v6 onwards. This was true for a number of other lenses as well.

Am I correct in thinking that I need to keep installed all the older versions of Photolab just to support older camera/lens combinations that were once supported but are no longer recognised. surely once the data is obtained for a camera/lens combination, it can be used in all future Photolab versions?

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Supported gear can be found on this page: Appareils supportés - DxO

I’ve never had issues with older gear being lost by newer DPL versions, but at times and with specific versions of DPL, automatic detection of the needed module struggled or failed and proposed to download modules for lenses I’ve never used.

As of today, DPL7 lists tge following in its module database:

We can see which lenses with 35mm and f/1.8 are supported. Is your lens on the list?
If it is not, then there is no module for it on a Sony 7Rii.

This should not be necessary, but it can help until the cause of your issue has been found and fixed. Meanwhile, I propose you add your case to