Support for old raw formats

I am evaluating Photolab and like what I see but I’ve hit another bump on the road. I have about 10K images taken years ago with a Pentax *istD, which is (apparently) unsupported by Photolab. Is there a workaround?

I suppose I could go into the subscription software I am planning to abandon to export them all as TIFF files. If I must, then this doesn’t bode well for Photolab.)

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Maybe Adobe’s DNG converter might work?

I wish! I converted the original PEF files to DNG long ago but Photolab reports: This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DxO Photolab.

The images I’m working with are about fifteen years old, so I suspect that would be enough time for support to be added, if support were ever to be added.

Sorry, it was just a guess. Another guess: Maybe Pentax might have software that will covert them to TIFFs for you?

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Hi Mark, I had the same problem with my old *istD files. Using GraphicConverter I changed the name from *istD in the EXIF data to Pentax K10D which I think was the first Pentax they supported … not an ideal solution, you might not want to do this with 10K files, but it worked.
Good luck

Brilliant. I’ll give it a try. I miss my clunky old Pentax!

I’ve just had a look back at my files and I see I changed the name in the original PEF files rather than a converted DNG, it was a long time ago I did this.
Be aware that when opened the lens/body module won’t be correct as it’ll be thinking it’s a K10D … you might need to make manual corrections for colour rendering, lens correction etc. You could always make a Preset when you’ve got them back to how you want them. Also, do make a copy of the original files just in case it goes wrong! I’ve just opened mine again in PL4 and they work fine …

DNG format is quite dangerous as many RAW photo tools can’t read many DNG conversions but can read the original files. Not the case here where the *st DS (I had one too before I moved over to a Canon with a first 20D) is simply not supported. But if you do convert to DNG always keep a copy of the originals.

I did venture back into the Land o’ Subscriptions and did a massive export of all DNG from my *istD camera into TIFF format. I’ll keep the originals but now I have images that I can manage with Photolab.

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Actually, on a Mac, you only need to open the RAW file in Preview and export it to the format of your choice