Support for Nikon D1

I have 1000’s of images from the mid-90’s using a Nikon D1 as my working journalist camera. It would be wonderful to go through those images and process them in DXO Photo Lab 2. Many are JPG and aren’t a problem but in several tough lighting situations I shot RAW. Any chance a Nikon D1 .NEF file could be supported?

One solution could be to download Capture NX-D and convert the NEFs to tiff and import them into PL.
Not original nef but free and great option to be able to enjoy them.


Mike, I feel your pain. I imagine you are not an Adobe subscriber or you wouldn’t be asking. Iridient Developer is a similar but less powerful free standing RAW development tool to PhotoLab which also plays well with others but covers many more cameras than PhotoLab (Fujifilm cameras as well for instance). As Required suggested, getting a really good TIFF out of Iridient Developer would allow you to apply the finer PhotoLab sharpening and denoising tools on those TIFFs.

Like PhotoLab, Iridient development settings are saved in sidecars so there is an easy path back, even many years later, to alter the RAW development and reprocess the TIFF.