Support for more GPUs

Its seems strange that some GPUs are unsupported, I’m sure there are many professional photographers using workstations, yet the GPU support for certain Quadro cards is missing. For me it’s the Quadro T2000, a card very similar to a Geforce 1650. CPU processing time of over a minute per photo is unfeasible in a professional setting, especially when a relatively powerful GPU is available.

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From my understanding, your card doesn’t include any Tensor cores, which is (heavily) used by some advanced (computing-wise) features like Deep prime…

The difference in time needed between CPU and GPU is massive, but this is all what’s about…machine learning, neural networks, AI…all this stuff makes use of a particular architecture found in recent GPUs (like Tensor cores for Nvidia, or Neural Cores in Apple computers), this architecture was specifically made for those kinds of computations. And at the same time, those kinds of features are only possible because of those modern GPUs.

I would say that nowadays (and not only for DxO software of course) a recent GPU is necessary in any professional or semi-professional environment…it’s a worthy investment, at least for me.




You raise a valid point, but it seems like GPU acceleration in PureRAW is not dependent on tensor cores, although it certainly helps with performance.

A GeForce 1650 also has no tensor cores but it achieves 114 seconds on the D850 benchmark that’s been going around, something that takes my workstation 480-500 seconds. Keep in mind this is only 5 images, after an assignment we could be dealing with 50-100 images.

I don’t believe this is an issue with outdated technology or outright hardware incompatibility, more likely something that can be fixed/added within the software.

I agree with your statement, and posted one link here Making best use of GPU in a laptop running Windows 11 - DxO PhotoLab / DxO PhotoLab Windows - DxO Forums

Relative performance = RX480 (between GTX780ti and GTX690). Also is the benefit of Quadro cards not with multi monitor setups and editing things like video and 3d rather than still images?