Support for Mac OS Monterey

I am looking to upgrade my Mac Mini m1.
Wanted to check if DXO Pure Raw Supports Mac OS Monterey.

Welcome to the forum, @Krishna.

Does this screenshot answer your question?

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Are we saying that software works flawlessly in this new OS ?

It works as expected.

Unless there’s something you really, really need in OS 12, you’d be wise to stay on OS 11.6 as long as you can. Many apps will have issues under Monterey and there are issues with OS.

The only people who have good reason to go through the Monterey growing pains are those who own M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pros (don’t support Big Sur) or whose livelihood depends on testing for bugs in new versions of OS X.

If you do take the plunge, please share your bug reports about Monterey to help DxO get PhotoLab 5 ready on Monterey for the rest of us next year.