Support for graphic tablets

I vote for better support of graphic tablets. Especially when masking, graphic tablets are so much better than using the mouse. BTW the friends of Adobe support this extensively.

What I really miss at PhotoLab is that the pressure signal is supported and easy to use hot keys to fast switch between modes.

I understand that long time users of PhotoLab in different generations should not be forced to learn something new. But if you provide in the settings a mode where you can switch between modes, there should be something for everybody.

Especially use of mouse wheel is horrible for graphic tablet users. I see the partial modification of the image as one of the strengths of PhotoLab - so graphic tablets are a powerful tool.

PL uses mouse en keyboard shortcut, it is not made for tablet. But they are numerous of keyboard shortcuts Menus, Preferences and Functions – PhotoLab

For some information you may check here
( pressure sensitivity is not supported ).

GaoGao, thank you for the link. That’s overall pretty helpful, but for masking a lot of the settings are done with mouse wheel - this is OK when working with a mouse, the graphic tablets - at least the ones I know - do not support that kind of signal. And in addition to what Wolfgang was writing (thanks to you as well, Wolfgang), that pressure sensitivity is not supported, that ends up in a loss of functionality of a graphic tablet.

The better tablets do provide some short cut buttons and a wheel. If DXO could make this working for the most important tasks, e.g… size of brush, hardness of brush etc. I could even live without pressure sensitivity. But that would mean that some of the settings need to be changed.

As I said, I would not change in general but provide either a function to modify or have an item in the settings “support of graphic tablets” which would give access to these function needing mouse wheel today.

When masking gets difficult, I use a Wacom Intuos Pro M – and have it set up accordingly.

Please go through the links I posted. There is a lot of helpful information.
If you still can’t handle it … what do you need?

Hi Wolfgang, sorry answered you in the wrong thread - but you might get sorted out.

I have a Mac and I use XP-Pen graphic tablet and its rather difficult to get the wheel working at all.

Do you have a set of settings? Of course there might be some differences between the tablet brands and the use of Win vs. Mac

As you might see from this page there are programmable keys plus a touch ring on one side of the tablet, which I’ve used to mimic some functions.

the main keys are < ALT + >, < Space + >, < Crtl + > and < Shift + > for the Windows version

ALT + Pen mode = to toggle e.g. from manual brush to eraser
Space + Pen = move the zoomed pic around
Ctrl + Ring (instead Ctrl + mouse wheel) = brush size
Shift + Ring (instead Shift + Mouse wheel) = brush feather

Ring (instead of Mouse wheel) = zoom

and use the pen’s buttons

Maybe you can ‘translate’ some to the Mac version (I have no idea if / what you can program on your graphic tablet).

many thanks - I will give it a try tomorrow.
regards Martin