Support for GoPro cameras

Is there any plan to add support for GoPro cameras to the Optics Module? The “newest” supported GoPro camera at the moment is GoPro Hero 4 and the current version is 10! And it’s not as GoPro is some marginal player… in fact it is THE action camera out there.


I wholeheartedly agree. I have a Hero 7 and now a Hero 11 and the raw photos are pretty good and much better to work with than the over noise-reduced jpgs (in my opinion). DxO was pretty quick to add the Olympus Tough action cameras to the list so why not GoPro. I stopped my Adobe Cloud subscription in favour of maintaining up to date versions of PhotoLab Elite and NIK, so it is annoying that the only way I can edit GoPro RAW is by downloading the free Adobe DNG converter and then use Affinity Pro or Paintshop Pro, or use it to further convert to TIFs. Is this a licensing issue with Adobe since I believe that GPR files have adopted the Adobe Standard? Being able to use Prime would be brilliant.


Hi Douglas
Have you found an easier way to work around this? I now have a Hero9 Black and am disappointed to discover that DxO doesn’t support the RAW.
Is it not possible to convert the GPR to DNG and then use the DNG in DxO?

I recently bought Hero Black 11 and was unpleasantly surprised that RAW files are not supported by PhotoLab. You have my vote!


+1 to this! I have a new GoPro Hero 11 and would like to run the GPRs through PhotoLab.

Please add support!

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Wow, I was so disappointed to catch my biggest trout ever on fly only to find out I cannot edit the RAW with DXO. I dont have Adobe subscriptions like the others so I am stuck using GoPro built in tools which suck!

I have become so spoiled with DXO photolab that I feel completely lost and out of place when I cannot denoise my photos properly or use the masking tool :frowning: :cry:

I get not having support for every camera, but gopro is such a HUGE customer base.

You, and others, need to go to the appropriate page Suggest Module - DxO and request such a module. These are user fora and do not provide a direct means of communication to DxO.

I submitted the request more than a month ago, but the effect is zero. What’s more, I noticed that GoPro cameras have not been supported for at least 5 years. So it’s safe to assume that my voice will be a voice in the wilderness…