Support for EOS R3

Does anyone know when PL5 support for the Canon EOS R3 will be available?

When I purchased DXO PL4E, support was already available for the camera that I was using. So, I have no experience in how long it normally takes for a camera to get support.

It was really cool that Adobe had support for the R3 before it was even released. However, I know that’s unusual.

I hope that it won’t be too long as the only way I can get the full potential for my images is by running them through PL5.



It’s coming soon…

Bookmark this: DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

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Thanks. I saw that before I posted. It’s not very specific. In the past has that meant the end of the month or is it random? Also, how good is DXO at meeting deadlines like that?

Imo, it means that DxO is preparing to add support for the R3 now.

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Exactly! And in case of this body - already prepared so everything will be in time :blush:

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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Thanks Svetlana. Sounds imminent. Checking twice a day. The R3 images are really nice to start with. So, I can’t wait to see what DXO does with them!

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You’ll be glad to hear this in PL V5.1

Thanks. Downloaded it yesterday. Very pleased with the results on high ISO images from the R3.

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