Support for DJI Mini 2 and DJI Pocket 2

I would like support for raw files from DJI Mini 2 and DJI pocket 2 in Photolab 4

Waiting for a module for Pocket 2, I have published this : Mavic Air 2 to Pocket 2

Yes, I am also impatiently waiting for Mini 2 support


I am also waiting for Mini 2 support



we didn’t plan to do that camera but I’ll see if we can add it to our roadmap.



DJI Mavic Air 2 to DJI Pocket 2

Recently, DXO has recognized the DNGs from the Mavic Air 2 drone which is a very good thing for this small hobby drone.
On the other hand, DXO does not recognize the DNGs of the DJI Pocket 2 mini camera.

So, for this small camera, by modifying 3 EXIF, the DNGs are recognized by Photolab 4. This allows to use all the resources on these RAW files.

However, it will be necessary to switch to manual, for the corrections of Distortion and Vignetting!

With ExifTool, it is easy to modify the 3 EXIF:

  • Model: change DJI Pocket to FC3170
  • FNumber: change 1.8 to 2.8
  • FocalLength: change 4.4 to 4.5

So I automated the method and here is

Recipe :

  1. Download ExifTool.exe
  2. Create a working folder and put the program in this folder
  3. In this folder, put a copy (I mean a copy! Because the originals must be preserved) of the DNGs from the DJI Pocket 2 mini camera.
  4. Create in this folder a text file in which we write this command line:

exiftool -overwrite_original -Model = FC3170 -FNumber = 2.8 -FocalLength = 4.5 * .dng

  1. Rename this file to a “batch” file, for example MA2versPocket2.bat
  2. Execute this “batch” file (Double-click).
  3. The DNG files present in the folder will be updated.
  4. Run Photolab 4 on these updated DNG files.
  5. The first time, Photolab will therefore offer to charge the modules of the Mavic Air 2 drone.
  6. Of course, it will be necessary to put in “manual” the corrections of Distortion and Vignetting.

Advantages :

  1. Only one image processing software required.
  2. The ability to use all of Photolab’s options on Raw images.
  3. And especially DeepPrime!

Note that in the command line of the “batch” file, you can omit the -overwrite_original option. ExifTool will create a new file preserving the original.
I think the drone and mini camera shooting devices are quite similar which allows for manipulation.

Note that the recipe suggested above also works for the first generation DJI Pocket.

Furthermore, with the batch file proposed above, the GPS data are set by default at coordinates 0 °, 0 °.
By adding the option “-gps: all =”, this data is blanked out.

The batch file can therefore be:

exiftool -overwrite_original -Model = FC3170 -FNumber = 2.8 -FocalLength = 4.5 -gps: all = * .dng

By gleaning DNG files on the Net, from the small DJI Mini 2 drone released in November 2020, I realize that the “Recipe” also works!

You just have to modify the Exif of “Model”:

  • on DJI Mini 2 : FC7303
  • on Mavic Air 2 : FC3170

So the image will be recognized as coming from the Mavic Air 2, currently validated by DXO.

It would be good to see RAW loading (I currently get an error in PL4.1.3) working even if the lens etc. are not yet calibrated.

@BenThon - Using the exiftool method (something I used to do with my canon mirrorless) its the Air1 a better match for the mini2? The camera parameters (sensor size etc.) look closer…

I will do some tests and look myself too!!


waiting for Pocket 2 Sport to…
I think we should all suggest a few times in the software under modules the Mini2 and Pocket 2…

regards from Austria

For changing to Mavic Air (first generation) you just have to modify the Exif of “ Model ”:

  • FC2103

I´d love to see support for DJI Mini 2 in DxO PL !


I too am awaiting native support for the mini 2. Please :slight_smile:

I too would really want support for the Mini 2. It is fast becoming a very popular drone so there will be more people needing this.

I’m currently struggling to find a good workflow for the Mini 2 DNG’s, my main workflow is always in DxO first.

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hi as a new dji mini 2 owner i am looking for a decent raw converter, i found dxo via a youtube post. Have money waiting to sign up once dji support is there.

looking forward to support dji pocket 2

I find that for the DJI Mini 2 you get better results if you set the Model to FC2103.

Also if you copy ExifTool to your desktop and then rename it to:

exiftool(-overwrite_original -Model=FC2103).exe

then you can simply drag and drop your photos onto this icon and the update will be done in place (i.e. no matter where your files are, they will be updated in that same folder). Note that this drag-and-drop is for Windows and I don’t know if this also works for Mac.

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I’ll add these drones to the roadmap but I can’t give you a date of support. We need to get samples of them first to start to work.
I’ll keep you updated.


Yes, DJI Mini 2 Support would be nice!

Hi Marie, I can give you DNG files from DJI Mini2! We need Mini 2 support so badly please! (Don’t make us go to adobe hell please)