Support for DJI Mavic Air DNG

When will DXO PhotoLab 2 support DNG files from the DJI Mavic Air? I can provide samples if needed.

Hello @TheBender,

DJI Mavic Air is in the roadmap but I can’t give you a date of support for now.
Thanks for your proposition but we won’t have trouble to get a Mavic Air for our tests. For Mavic 2 Pro we did about 300 images (and it’s a really low number of images compared to usual cameras) so we really need the camera itself.



Do you need me to pass by in your lab with mine ? I have time and need to have DNG read by DxO.

Any more clearance on the roadmap ?

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Hello @M1r077,

We will plan support of Mavic Air but I can’t give you a support date yet.


Thanks for the answer.
Have a great day

Do you have any update about the Mavic-Air-Support?

I have quite a big number of Mavic-Air-DNG´s now which really desire Prime Noise Reduction and ClearView - but as long as I don’t know if the support is coming or not I hesitate to publish them without the improvements…

Many thanks in advance!

Hello @Philip_MUC,

welcome to the DxO forum :slight_smile:

We will probably work on the DJI Mavic Air support this summer so I won’t push you to wait for it before you post your photos.


Hello Marie,

do you have any news about Mavic Air Timetable?

Rawtherapee really shows the possibilities you have with Mavic Air Raw-Files, but getting the NR-Features and comfort of DXO would be great…

Have a great summer, Philip

Hi everyone,

Any update about the Mavic Air DNG support in DXO PL 2?
Hope it’ll be soon.
Thanks for any reply,

Still no news?

Also +1 for the original Mavic Pro.
Was there not a web page where we could vote for lens / camera combinations? I remember this from years ago…

EDIT: found the page here:
if you go on (page you can reach by going to PRODUCTS/DxO PhotoLab and then click on "Supported Cameras)

You scroll down and you have a button “ MAKE US A SUGGESTION ” which will open the lesn/camera requests page.
We are working to improve the requests page but you can use it.


Looking at the page, I see that the Mavic Pro and the Mavic PRo 2 are now supported :slight_smile:

Ping! Holding my Photolab 3 upgrade until mavic air is supported.

Hello @hidra,

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I’ve noted your request for Mavic Air.


I too am looking for DNG support for the Mavic Air.

I noticed that sometime around a month ago Mavic Air was added to the compatible cameras list with a tentative date of 03-2020. Today however, I noticed that this was removed from the compatible cameras list and there is no longer any mention of it. Is support for the Mavic Air still coming? It’s been quite some time since this was raised…

I would appreciate the support for Mavic Air as well

Hello @pavel.lukes,

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Support of DJI Mavic Air is in preparation, it won’t be in the release to come shortly but in the next one.

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Does this mean not in the photolab 3.x?

Hello @hidra,

it will be in next PhotoLab 3.x :slight_smile: