Support for DJI Mavic 3 Tele Camera

I have tried unsuccessfully to process DNG images taken at 7x magnification using the Mavic 3 tele camera. While images coming off the standard camera present no issues, PureRAW 2 produces an error and will not process 7x DNG images taken with the tele camera. I have tried processing images with the Optical Correction turned on and off and not had success. Has anyone else had this problem? Is DxO aware of it?

Welcome, Phil. The answer is here: (PhotoLab is expected to receive support mid-summer, and it stands to reason that other DxO software including PureRAW will also receive support around that time.)

Thanks Greg for confirming this. It was my assumption that DxO simply has not yet provided support for the 7x tele camera. I’m looking forward to a future upgrade.