Support for Datacolor SpyderCube

The SpyderCube is in fact a pretty useful device. It can be used with PL4 now without any problems. However, what about having automatic discovery of the SpyderCube implemented? If there is a Spydercube in the picture you can then click the “discover SpyderCube” button, and then white point and exposure settings from the SpyderCube is loaded in a separate settings group which then can be copy pasted to other pictures.

Anyways, I reckon all this makes little sense unless one already has some experience with the SpyderCube.

This review is pretty spot on regarding how the device can and should be used:

Considering the various discussions elsewhere in this forum regarding what to select for “whitepoint”, as well as the ongoing levels discussion, adding support for handling a selection of Datacolor targets, like the SpyderCube and SpyderCheckr, should probably solve both factual and perceived problems. BTW, this is not about camera calibration as such. Adding such features would most likely also result in quite a lot of attention from the photography and camera magazines and websites.

Would be an amazing feature! Luckily, there are much less callibration devices on the market than camera/lens combination. @DXO team: We are looking forward to hear your opinion about it!

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