Suport for RW2 of the new PANASONIC DC-S5M2

For years I have been using DxO PureRAW as the first step in the development process of my RAW photos, due to the superb correction of lens aberrations and the good job in removing noise in the image.
Now I just bought a PANASONIC DC-S5M2, and surprisingly this software is not able to read the RW2 files of this camera, when it seems that it is able to read the RW2 files of the DC-S5, which are the same !!!
Someone can tell me when this anomaly will be solved ?, it would be a pity to stop using this magnificent application.


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As users of DxO software, we don’t have any possibility to know DxO’s release plans…unless someone from DxO posts some information like this one: DxO Software - New Cameras & Lenses support (11 January 2023 update) - #277 by Marie

I’m not sure if the RW2 files are the same. The S 5 II now has phase detect AF, the S 5 exclusively contrast detection AF, meaning, some pixels are now needed for phase detection. I don’t know the technical background exactly, but apparently these pixels need to be treated differently by RWA-converters.

And since it’s 779 focus points, it’s quite a complex task for the converter to process, I believe.

Then stop it @jmassons :troll: and before just tell us here in the USER (!) forum, which converter could open the file of a camera on the market for a couple of days? After that you can go on with threatening to stop using whatever magnificent application.

[Edit] I tried 3 different converters, none was able to even show S 5 II’s RAW which is definitely not the same RAW as the one of S 5. Also, not even a text editor could open (!) that files for whatever reasons. Lateron XnView opened it and changed it immediately to RGB files with 8bit colordepth, so my guess is, that app reads the JPG file within the RAW. [/edit]

“For years” you have been using Pure Raw? It’s been out for two years, so just stop bragging and go threaten some other companies.


BBEdit could not open the RW2 from DPReview, Textedit could:

By no means these are identical headers and therefore also no identical RAW. XnView MP did show me an image, but for this app 100% view are 1920 Ă— 1280 pixels. S5 has 6024 Ă— 4016 pixel. Whatever XnView does is simply not a 100% view.

On the other hand, DxO supported Panasonic Lumix S5 long before Capture One did, so meanwhile (= as long as you search for another RAW-converter able to display RAWs of your brand new Lumix with a brand new AF system) you just could set the camera to JPG + RAW and edit the RAWs lateron.

In the link you have given me, Marie gives answer to my question, in March I will have support for my camera. Issue solved!

Thank you very much!

FYI – DxO PhotoLabs will play very nicely with the S5II RAW files if you use the exif-hack. See the bottom section of this review, just for S5II owners…