Super Raw Question

Hi there,

I have a question regarding Super Raw.
As far as I have understood this is a special raw file type for the Dxo One Camera. However, I am wondering why my images - shot with a Lumix G9 - show this little star in the upper left corner of the image browser that says that this image is being processed with Super Raw.

Or am I mixing things up?

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Hi Andreas,

The little diamond (or star) symbol in the top-left corner indicates that PRIME Noise Reduction has been activated for this image. This can be set ON for any RAW file.

More info here.

Regards, John M

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Except that the tooltip over the badge says “This image will be processed using SuperRAW”, which is documented as only being applicable to the DxO One.

I reported this 18 months ago. It’s apparently exceedingly difficult to fix … :slight_smile:


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