Sunshine Effect

In the likes of ON1 were is a filter that has the effect of adding a sort of sunlight glow to an image, it just lifts an image taken on a grey day that little bit to give it some “pop” when there probably was not any in the real world. Is this achievable in PL2 or is round tripping to Nik or some other plugin required. Round tripping from PL is easy of course but if it can be done “in-house” it would be good to know how.

Thanks and all the best for 2019.

I have not seen anything like that in either PL2 or Nik, but have seen the effect you describe in both ON1 and Luminar and there may be something like that in the Topaz Collection or in Topaz Studio, I am not sure.

You could use any external app that can provide that effect by using the Export To application functionality in PL2 and then saving the image back to your folder.

Affinity photo too.


That is how I deal with it but I just wondered if there was a way to mimic the effect within PL.

Thanks Guys and all the best for 2019

In PL there’s no filter to do that. In Color Efex Pro there is the filter ‘Sunlight’:

Otherwise, you can try tweaking the white balance and contrast (global or local adjustments).

Corros, that is all so useful. Many, many thanks.

Besides ON1, I believe Affinity and perhaps others have similar types of added filter effects. While effects can be occasionally useful and fun things, I personally prefer software that gets the best from the original raw image rather than adding things that weren’t there. But I certainly understand their appeal and usefulness.


You can achieve this with nik color effect

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Hi Colin,

There are 4 filters in Nik Color Efex Pro that will give you 4 different effects, with different degrees of control over the effect, depending on your needs;

  • Brilliance/Warmth
  • Reflector Efex
  • Skylight Filter, &
  • Sunlight (Filter)

Regards, John M