Suggestions for panorama software on Mac

Didn‘t find any thread on this topic.

What software are you using to stitch your panoramas?

Are you developing the photos in DPL before stitching?


Hello Pete,

I still use Autopano for stitching. I created a preset with only optical corrections in DPL which I apply. I do not use noise reduction in DPL but try it for yourself

I use Affinity Photo for panos, stacking, and compositing. It does a very good job, is very feature rich, and cheap. As for processing with DxO before hand all I can say is “it depends”… but with most stacks I usually get better results just using AP.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I own Affinity Photo already and did a few panoramas with it some time ago. Will have a closer look at it again.

Autopano seems to be a dead horse since Kolor stopped marketing it.

Will also try Autostich and Hugin as these have good reviews.

PTGui Pro seems to be king currently but the price is a bit heavy.

That said nowadays I often grab my iPhone X when I think I need a pano. It‘s so easy and the results are stunning even with high dynamic range and moving subjects.

Another AutoStitch user.

On Android I use AutoStitch Panorama Pro from Cloudburst Research.

I am using APG (AutoPanoGiga)

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I use PS for stitching, after i ready them in DXO PL, wish i could do the complete process in DXO PL only