Suggestion: Show differentiation in processing status icon between Export to Disk vs Export to Application


An image’s Processed Status is indicated by an icon at bottom right of the preview in the Image Browser (#3 in the screenshot, below).

When an image has been successfully exported (regardless of whether it was exported to disk OR exported to another application), the icon appears like this: DxO_ProcessedImage

The problem with this is:

We have no way of differentiating between images that have been rendered to JPG (or TIFF/DNG) versus those that were simply passed to another application.


Have a different coloured Check/Tick to differentiation between the different processed states.

eg. Like this for exported to disk DxO_ProcessedImage
… and same for exported to application - but, in a different colour (say, blue).

John Morter

PS. I’m out of votes to support my own suggestion !

i would say passed to other application isn’t processed but under process, so if you transport back or not isn’t the issue.
but indeed a blue checkvink will also be fine

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I’ve “discovered”(!!) a work-around for this requirement - that probably makes this request redundant (?)


I now see that all I need to do (in order to avoid clutter of temp-files created as part of exporting to an application) is to exclude “images generated by DxO PhotoLab” from the Image Browser filter.

John M

I take that back - - It doesn’t work quite as expected :roll_eyes:

Whilst it does prevent interim files from showing in the Browser (those created by PL as part of the Export to App process) - it ALSO hides the file saved by the application to which the interim file has been passed … even tho it’s a completely different file.

So - back to my original request, please DxO

OR, fix the Filter logic so that it truly does ONLY what it suggests it should do = Show/Hide images generated by DxO PhotoLab … with no impact on images created by other applications.