Suggestion: Retain & associate Export Options with each saved Export-to-Application target

PhotoLab saves the last 5 used Export-to-Application targets; DxO_E2App

That’s very helpful - BUT, it saves only the last set of export options = Action & Quality


This can catch you out (and waste time) if you forget to change the options for different targets - For example,

  • if I’m invoking PSE to stitch some images into a panorama then I must export only 8-bit
  • but, if I’m exporting to CEP then I can export 16-bit, etc

As well as saving a set of recent export targets (as now) - ALSO save the export options (Action & Quality) that were used with each target … and restore them as the default settings according to the target selected.

John M

PS. I’ve run out of votes to support my own suggestion !

I agree … and I already use all my votes :frowning:


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