Suggestion: lift the limitation of maximum brush diameter


The brush size in DxO PhotoLab (in Local Adjustments) is measured in pixels. Currently the size is limited to 500px which is too restrictive for 40MP+ images which are common nowadays, especially if Feather=0. Please consider to increase this limit at least 10 times. Selecting large objects with smooth and tiny brush is nearly impossible.

Update: I was completely wrong. I interpreted units as pixels (because the number looked equal to the to the number of pixels at the “Fit all” zoom level on my display). The comment by @Joanna below solves the issue.

If you want to cover more area, simply zoom out and the brush will stay the same size but take up more of the image.


Oh, silly me. Indeed, this works! 500 is not pixels but some relative units. Thank you for this tip!