Suggestion for a new function

In order to quickly process the sky in the picture below, it would be interesting to have a “Fill a delimited area (PS style)” function - using similar criteria such as Content Considered - Color - Historical Pattern - etc.


Both, Automask Brush and Control Points, work great for this picture. What do you want to do?


Automask Brush and Control points are not copying tools.

Repair Brush actually makes a copy of a reference area on a polluted area. But as soon as it is given a large area to correct the tool become very slow.

On the other hand, the repetition of the reference zones (one per correction) despite the possibility of moving these zones, causes interference to the reference zone. As a result, it becomes very difficult or even impossible to correct multiple (or large) areas.

It would be nice to use the routine of this tool on large delimited areas.

In the case of this picture, there is dust and hair but also a lot of cables. To hide all this, the Repair Brush tool is too limited.

Well, you didn’t explain how you wanted to process the sky in the first post.

The dust spots are easy to remove with PL3. For the wires the Repair/Clone tool tends to pick other pieces of wire to repair the one you want to remove. But now since the source can be changed it is at least possible to get it done with PL.

But I agree it is tedious and a dedicated pixel editor like Photoshop will probably be better for this job.