Suggestion: Auto selection of sky/subject

The only feature I feel is missing if the option to have Photolab suto select subject / sky to speed things up when wanting to apply edits to those areas. I am not suggesting full sky replacement a la photoshop, just an auto select.

Take a look at Control Lines under Local Adjustments. You can select areas and adjust the selectivity to include more or less of the tones/colours.

Control Lines are ideal for this situation. Can you always get the perfect selection? No, but you can always use Control Points to add or subtract troublesome areas. I’ve even used a subtractive second Control Line once, though that can be a bit mind bending.


They are certainly not always a “quick fix” but, with a bit of learning and mixing positive and negative lines and points - not forgetting to set the selectivity of the masks before making adjustments to the masked area, they are the most powerful tool I have had the pleasure to find in PL.