Suggested Workflow for the Nik Collection

Suggested Workflow
What is the recommended workflow when using the Nik Collection?
The recommended workflow for the Nik Collection is as follows:

  1. If desired, apply Raw Presharpener using Sharpener Pro 3.
  2. Apply noise reduction using Dfine 2.
  3. Control color and light using Viveza 2.
  4. Apply filter enhancements using Color Efex Pro 4.
  5. Convert to black and white using Silver Efex Pro 2.
  6. Apply output sharpening using Sharpener Pro 3.

Note: Analog Efex Pro 2 can be utilized at any point after Dfine 2. HDR Efex Pro 2 is best used immediately after Dfine 2.

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As an OpticsPro/PhotoLab user, my workflow has been;

  1. Do everything I want/need to do from within OP/PL
  2. If I decide I need to apply some local adjustments that I cannot achieve using OP/PL (which now occurs much less often - now that we have local adjustments in PL) then I “Export to Application” -> Color Efex Pro 4 … as 16bit TIFF
  3. Apply local adjustments and filters in CEP4 - and save the result … as high-quality JPG
  4. Review in PL - check for any noise reduction reqmnts, etc - and export to final image format.

As DxO is able to implement more of the features of the Nik Collection into PhotoLab, I am hoping, eventually, to be able to complete ALL of my image editing from within PL <<=== This is what I see as the “end game”.

I pretty much use this workflow too. However, on your point 3, Nik only seems to save in the original format of the imported image i.e. it overwrites the original file. I then have to review back in PL and the export as a high quality JPG or whatever. Is there any way of saving from Nik to a different format and/or like PL adding a different extension so the original and the Nik mod versions are saved?

Obviously I export from LR via the normal route so I always retain the original NEF in LR and ultimately export from PL to LR to the same location to keep everything in order.

Stupidly I hae just found the 'Save as ’ under File! Why didn’t i look more carefully - I was looking for a drop down.

Please disregard my comment.

it is possible to delete them.
Take a look behind the three points :wink: